This is the documentation for the assertivedocs JSDoc plugin, hosted on npm. assertivedocs is a unit testing extension for JSDocs, allowing you to write automated tests for your code alongside both the code and the documentation.

In its simplest form, you use the @assert tag and provide the assertion in the comment of the tag - after the '-'. The assertion is defined as a list of inputs, separated by commas, followed by a =>, ending with what the expected outcome is. When the jsdoc command is run, the assertion is tested and the result recorded on the Unit Tests page.

 * Converts number to string
 * @param {Number} bar - Number to convert
 * @returns {String}
 * @assert - John Smith=>Hello, John Smith
 function foo(bar) {
   return `Hello, ${bar}`

You can download the plugin and the source for these docs on GitHub.